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The-Plug-NetWork is more than just another average online retailer. With our psychedelic inspired clothing brand. We are here to give those with and open mind about life, a taste of the wicked side. Being a fan of LSD, DMT and anything within that category. We design our artwork with a trippy vibe. Our plug logo body has a 3 6 9 representing the key to the universe that Nikola Tesla had envision. Its time to become part of The Plug Network family.

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The Plug Network is great, what really impressed me was the great service I received ordering my products. Will definitely buy from here again..


The Plug Network site is easy to navigate and good value for money compared to other sites. Good live support and service..


I love The Plug Network as the products are so trendy and fresh for the moment. I got some great pieces for my body and can't wait to show them off ...


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We believe in making customer we always deliver what we are showcasing on our website

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